April Fool’s Jokes Played Around the NHL

It’s April 1st and that means pranks will be played across the land – and the NHL is no exception. In fact, several funny pranks have already been played. Here are some of our favorites:


Sabres GM Darcy Regier Says the Entire Sabres Season Has Been Merely an April Fool’s Joke


“You didn’t think this team was for real, did you?” Regier said, laughing. “Come on, you guys should know better than that! These are professional hockey players. There’s no way an NHL team could be this poorly managed, play with this little heart, and be this much of an embarrassment to the sport.”

When asked if the constant whining from goaltender Ryan Miller during post-game interviews was part of the spectacular ruse, Regier said no.

“Unfortunately, that part was real,” Regier said.

NHL says Columbus Blue Jackets Not Really in 8th Place

blue jackets

In a statement from Commissioner Gary Bettman, it was revealed that the Columbus Blue Jackets are not really in 8th place.

“Contrary to what the standings show today, the Columbus Blue Jackets are not in eight place in the Western Conference,” the statement said. “This has been an April Fool’s joke on Rick Nash orchestrated by several teams around the league. And it will get even funnier when the Blue Jackets make the playoffs and the Rangers don’t. Whoops – did I give the joke away? I’m sorry.”

Luongo Still Not Traded


“Yeah, that’s a joke,” said Canucks GM Mike Gillis. “But no, we really still haven’t traded him. Unfortunately, his contract isn’t a joke.”

Chris Kunitz not third place in scoring


“It’s been really fun watching him think he’s third in the scoring list,” Penguins captain Sidney Crosby said. “He’s been walking around all confident and stuff. It’s really cute.”