Darcy Regier to Sabres Fans: ‘Hey, At Least it’s a Short Season’

"This season doesn't even really count," Regier said.

“This season doesn’t even really count,” Regier said.

It’s been a rough season for the Buffalo Sabres, who have been near the bottom of the standings all year and are in serious danger of finishing last place overall for the first time in team history.

But GM Darcy Regier says he has a plan to calm fans’ concerns that this will be the worst season Buffalo Sabres season on record.

“What I say to fans is this,” Regier said. “Hey, at least it’s a short season. I mean, you could have had to deal with 82 games of this crap. But it’s only 40-something. And it’s almost over. So what’s the problem?”

Regier also said that because the season is only 48 games this year, it’s not as important as a full season.

“I mean, c’mon – this season doesn’t count. It’s like a pretend season when you think about,” Regier said.

The long-time Sabres GM said fans should be patient and wait for next season.

“Next season is gonna be great,’ Regier said. “We’re gonna have Leino for a full season. I mean, hey, that should put us over the top. And if I extend Stafford for a few more years, look out!”