Milan Lucic to Play Meth Addict on Season Finale of ‘Breaking Bad’

Milan Lucic, the Boston Bruins’ hard-hitting goal-scorer, will guest star in the season finale of Breaking Bad and play a meth-addled junkie, producers of the hit show have announced.

Lucic said the character he will play is a meth junkie who accidentally falls into a tense situation with meth kingpin Walter White (played by actor Bryan Cranston) after breaking into a house in which White is making a batch of his famous blue meth.

“The character is just a scuzzy junkie looking to steal some jewelry or a TV so he can smoke $10 worth of meth,” said producer Vince Gilligan. “So I thought Lucic would be perfect to play the part.”

Lucic said he was honored to be given the part and went through great lengths to understand the psychology of the character he was to play.

“I considered just smoking a bunch of meth,” Lucic said. “But my good friend Sean Avery said there’s not a lot of the good stuff available right now, so he suggested I try something else.”

Avery, who is also an intern for this publication, said he knew the perfect trick for Lucic to get inside the head of a meth addict.

“I took Lucic to a few parties with me in Manhattan,” Avery said. “And after you hang out with a bunch of models for a while, you begin to understand how meth addicts behave because a lot of the models are so skinny that they look like they’re addicted to meth, so it was kind of the same thing.”

The research was enough for Lucic to get inside the head of the character he had to play.

“My character is a human being,” Lucic said. “And I believed I conveyed that in my performance.”

Lucic’s first acting experience has inspired him to consider the possibility of acting full-time.

“This was an experience that truly opened up my creative soul,” Lucic said as wore cucumber slices on his eyelids and sipped a martini. “I want to explore other characters, other realities, and travel into other otherness as an artist and a poet of the human experience.”

Lucic added: “Besides, it’s not like there’s going to be an hockey to play this year.”