LA Kings Players Running Out of Ideas to Celebrate with Stanley Cup – You Don’t Want to Know What’s Next

The Los Angeles Kings players have been among the most creative of recent Stanley Cup champion teams when it comes to celebrating their day with Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Left winger Dwight King acted out some cowboy fantasies with the Cup…

Justin Williams didn’t feel like washing a bowl, so he used the Cup to eat Cheerios out of…

And defenseman Willie Mitchell had romantic threesomes with the Cup…

However, none of these celebrations were as bizarre as Mike Richards, who used his day with the Cup to taunt an ex-girlfriend who dumped him in the 9th grade.

That said, the pressure is on for the next Kings players to get the Cup, since nobody wants to be seen as boring.

“I don’t want to be that guy who just put some champagne in the Cup and drank from it like a million other guys have done,” said defenseman Drew Doughty. “I want to do something unique. I’m thinking about maybe putting a kilt and a bagpipe on it and call it ‘McGregor.’ Nobody has ever done that, eh?”

Winger Dustin Penner said he would like to do something good for humanity.

“Everybody drinks champagne and eats cereal out of the Cup. It’s so bourgeois,” Penner said. “So I’m gonna help the less fortunate by putting cereal and champagne in the Cup but letting a lot of poor, hungry people eat out of it at the same time. I like to help people.”

Center Jarret Stoll said he also wants to do a “first” with the Cup.

“I thought maybe I’d take it to a leather club,” he said. “I’m into leather and I think the Cup will look hot with some whips and chains. What? Why is that weird?”

But it is defenseman Alec Martinez who might have the most original plan with the Cup.

“I’m gonna cross out Zdeno Chara’s name,” Martinez said. “Screw that guy.”