New Jersey Devils So Broke, Lou Lamoriello Will Babysit Snooki’s Baby on Reality TV

In an attempt to earn enough money to not be broke all the time, the New Jersey Devils have announced that General Manager, Lou Lamoriello will do a reality show with Jersey Shore star, Snooki. According to the team, Lamoriello will live in a house with Snooki and help raise the reality star’s newborn baby.

“This show will be a great opportunity for hockey fans to see another side of ‘Uncle Lou’ as we like to call him,” said Devils owner, Jeff Vanderbeek. “It’s also a way for me to earn some cash because I’m broke as a joke and the banks won’t stop calling me.”

The show, which will be titled I Love Lou, will feature Lamoriello watching Snooki’s baby while she is out partying. Lamoriello will be in charge of all the diaper changes, burpings, and even breast-feedings, for which the Stanley Cup-winning GM will wear a fake breast device that emulates actual lactating breasts.

“I shouldn’t have gave Kovalchuk that contract,” said Lamoriello, before bursting into tears and leaving the interview.

Expected to make appearances on I Love Lou will be Devils’ goalie Martin Brodeur, who will provide assistance to Lamoriello with Snookie’s baby, including helping with the fake breast device.

“Those things are fun but can be tricky to put on,” Brodeur said.

Snooki, who is expected to give birth this month, says she is happy to be a part of the project because it is an opportunity to give back to her community.

“The New Jersey Devils are very, very poor,” Snooki said. “And I like to help poor people.”

Producers say I Love Lou will begin shooting in October, around the time the 2012-13 NHL season will not start.