Mike Richards Spends Day with Stanley Cup Standing in Front of Ex-Girlfriend’s House

Mike Richards holding back tears before getting into a police car.

For the lucky few who actually get to realize the dream of winning the Stanley Cup, figuring out what to do on their one day with Lord Stanley can be almost as difficult as winning it. But not for Mike Richards; as soon as the Cup was delivered to his door, the Kings winger went straight to his ex-girlfriend’s house in Kenora, Ontario to show off the glimmering trophy.

“I just wanted to show her what she missed out on,” Richards said, as a tear rolled down his cheek. “I wanted to show her that when she dumped me back in the 9th grade, she made a big mistake.”

Richards’ ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Bell, said she only dated Richards for one week and barely remembers him.

“We didn’t even really date,” she said. “We talked at a party for a few minutes way back in, like, the 9th grade, and he asked for my number. I gave it to him to be nice, but after he called me, like, 100 times in a week, I got a new phone and never talked to him again.”

Richards, who stood on Bell’s front lawn hoisting the Cup victoriously in the air as he stared intensely into her front window, said she is just in denial.

“What we had was love, man,” Richards said. “Yeah, we only talked once, but I don’t think there’s a time requirement when it comes to love.”

Despite Richards claims of amour, Martin Bell, Rebecca’s husband of four years, was not pleased by Richards’ actions.

“I’m gonna kick his ass,” Martin Bell said as he stormed across the lawn. At that moment, Richards ran away, still holding the Cup in the air as Martin Bell chased him, threatening to inflict bodily harm.

Within a matter of moments, police arrived on the scene and restored calm. And after taking some pictures with the Cup, Kenora police offered not to arrest Richards if he just left the area.

“I’m leaving because I love her,” Richards said as he stepped into the back of the police car with the Cup in his arms. “And when you really love someone, you sometimes have to let them go.”

“Freak!” Rebecca Bell responded.