BREAKING: Rick Dipietro Injures Himself While Getting Off Injury List

In yet another unfortunate turn of events for the storied franchise, New York Islanders goaltender Rick Dipietro suffered an upper-body injury just moments after being taken off the injury list.

Although doctors are examining the injury, sources confirm that the former 1st overall pick sprained his wrist while signing the active player form. When signing his name, Dipietro wrote an elaborate letter ‘o,’ which led to the sprain.

In addition, Dipietro injured his vocal cords from the screaming that was a result of the wrist sprain.

When asked to comment on the injury, islanders owner Charles Wang was blunt.

“Ah, (expletive) it!” he said before kicking a garbage can over.

It is not known how long until Dipietro will be ready for action.