Sergei Kostitsyn Starts Charity to Bring Hot Russian Girls to America

Sergei Kostitsyn with new member of his charity organization

Nashville Predators winger Sergei Kostitsyn just wants to make the world a better place.

“When I look at all the problems in the world,” Kostitsyn said, “I just cry. It’s all so overwhelming. But one day I realized that, yes, I can do something: I can bring hot Russian girls to America.”

“Home Sweet Home” is the name of Kostitsyn’s new charity which aims to bring more beautiful women from Russia to the U.S. Its main goal, according to Kostitsyn, is to “have beautiful women around who don’t think all Russian players are action movie villains because of their accents.”

“American women always think I sound like the guy from Die Hard,” Kostitsyn said. “That doesn’t even make sense because that guy was Austrian and I’m Belarusian.”

In order to fund the organization, Kostitsyn has held several fundraisers around the U.S. and Russia. The fundraisers have mostly been Sergei’s brother Andrei, and NHL-KHL commuter Alex Radulov hanging out and drinking champagne, among other activities. However, Penguins star Evgeni Malkin has made a few appearances, as has former New York Ranger Sean Avery, who is not Russian but likes Russian girls and has a lot of time.

“The amount of support has been great,” Kostitsyn said. “We are really making a lot of girls’ dreams come true. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want to spend time with a beautiful man like Evgeni Malkin?”

Kostitsyn also sees his charity as a way for Russian players to improve their game.

“A lot of teams in the NHL have all these rules about not being able to go out at night when you’re on the road,” Kostitsyn said. “So I think that if we just have a lot of hot girls inside the hotel, there shouldn’t be any problems. Players are happy. Coaches and GM’s who can’t mind their own business are happy. Everybody’s happy.”

“It’s just a really great idea,” Andrei Kostitsyn said.

“Definitely,” Alex Radulov added.