Shane Doan Not Sure Why He Should Get $7 Mil a Year, Either

“They wanna give me how much?” Doan said.

While NHL bloggers and commentators speculate that Shane Doan, the gritty Phoenix Coyotes winger who is an unrestricted free agent, is up for a big payday, nobody is more confused by why that might be than Shane Doan himself.

“Don’t blame me,” the Coyotes’ captain said. “They’re the ones who think I can bring them the Cup despite only having one significant playoff run in my entire 16-year career.”

Doan was speaking to reporters from atop the sand dune in Arizona he is reportedly to love so much.

“I don’t even know why everybody thinks I like it here so much,” Doan said. “I know [Wayne] Gretzky has a house and some investments out here…but that doesn’t mean every hockey player has a fetish to stay here in Arizona. The golf is okay, but it’s hot as hell.”

Doan elaborated on his thoughts about the 4 year, $30 million contract he is rumored to be offered.

“If they want to give me that much, I won’t tell them no,” he said. “But why on earth they would they give a guy who has only had two 30 goal years out of a 16-year career with almost no playoff experience?”

Doan added: “I guess that whole ‘leadership’ thing hockey writers who have never really played hockey think Canadian players who throw a body check once in a while have. That fairy tale is gonna get me rich.”

The Coyotes’ captain, who has only been past the second round of the playoffs once in his long career – a 5 games series loss in the Western Conference finals to the Los Angeles Kings this past season – says he is reluctant to be seen as a playoff savior who can be the magic piece a Cup-contending team is missing.

“Let’s be real here,” Doan said. “I’m more used to playing golf in June than hockey. But if the Rangers want to offer me all that money because they think I’ll get them the Stanley Cup, I won’t say no. At least me and Rick Nash will have something in common: no playoff experience.”

The Real Hockey News attempted to interview Greg Jamison, the businessman who is in talks with the NHL to buy the Coyotes franchise, but he said he could not afford the cab fare to the meeting. In a phone call, Jamison told The News: “Doan should sign wherever he wants because honestly – I’m not even serious about buying the team. I’m broke! I just wanted an excuse to play some golf with Wayne Gretzky.”

Although it looks like Doan will be relocating to a new team this summer, the 36-year old winger said it doesn’t matter where he ends up.

“Wherever I go, they better have a good doctor,” Doan said. “I’m almost 40 and haven’t had a major injury my entire NHL career. So, basically – I’m due.”