Hot Dog Vendor Refuses to Report to Islanders

In what could be a defining moment of his career, Harry Bonaducci, a hot dog vendor at Long Island’s Nassau Colisseum, has refused to work Islander home games this season.

“It has nothing to do with the Islanders organization,” Bonaducci, 64, said. “They’re a great team with a great history and great fans. But it’s just not the right move for me at this point in my career.”

The veteran hot dog vendor has worked events at Nassau Colisseum for 25 years, doing mostly high school sports tournaments, corporate gatherings, figure skating competitions, and job fairs. But he has never worked an Islanders game due to a scheduling option in which he specifically chose not to do Islanders games. However, due to budget cuts, several hot dog vendors were laid off and Bonaducci was asked by Nassau Coliseum management to work Wednesday night home games.

“We don’t have anybody to fill that spot,” said Matthew O’Connor, assistant supervisor of concessions at Nassau Colisseum. “I thought Harry would be a good fit because he has the experience, but I guess he doesn’t want to do it.”

“It’s just a personal choice,” Bonaducci explained. “I’d go to Madison Square Garden and do Rangers games. I’d even go out to Jersey for the Devils games. But I don’t want to do Islanders games. It’s just not a good fit.”

However, Bonaducci’s refusal to work Islanders games could lead to him losing his job.

“I don’t have anybody else. Frank (Morales) has a second job at a gas station he does Wednesdays,” O’Connor said.
“So if Harry won’t do it, I’ll have to find somebody else.”

Despite the possibility of facing termination, Bonaducci is standing firm on his refusal.

“If they fire me, they fire me,” Bonaducci said. “Besides, I hear they eat hot dogs in Russia.”