Wang’s Boys? In Attempt to Cut Costs, NY Islanders to Have Men Dress Up As ‘Ice Girls’

Men audition during NY Islanders Ice Girls tryouts.

Charles Wang did not make his fortune by throwing money away. But with his investment in the New York Islanders bleeding his wealth, the computer software mogul will have men fulfill the roles of ‘Ice Girls’ – a job that has always been reserved for women – because it is assumed to cut costs.

“I’m gonna call them Wang’s Boys,” the Islanders owner said. “Apparently, ‘Ice Boys’ is taken by a gangsta rap group.”

Although the gender switch is believed to be a cost-cutting measure, there will be no difference in what Wang’s Boys will do – including wearing short skirts and figure skates.

“Why would I buy them new uniforms? I’m trying to save money,” Wang said.

Despite the benefits of saving money, there appears to be a risk of backlash from fans who believe it will be embarrassing to be the only team in the NHL to have men dress up in skirts to sweep the goalie creases during television timeouts.

“That’s friggin’ crazy,” said Joey Patatucci, 24, of somewhere in Long Island. “They’re gonna have dudes dress up like chicks? What the (expletive), yo? That’s weak.”

When told about the fans’ response to the plan, Wang responded: “If they came to a few games once in a while instead of bitching and moaning about the arena, maybe we wouldn’t have to do this.”