April Fool’s Jokes Played Around the NHL

It’s April 1st and that means pranks will be played across the land – and the NHL is no exception. In fact, several funny pranks have already been played. Here are some of… Continue reading

Jarome Iginla Traded to Penguins Because ‘I Run Shit!’ GM Shero Says

In a surprise leading up to the NHL trading deadline, the Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired rugged future Hall of Famer Jerome Iginla from the Calgary Flames. “I got Iginla because screw everybody, I’m… Continue reading

Darcy Regier to Sabres Fans: ‘Hey, At Least it’s a Short Season’

It’s been a rough season for the Buffalo Sabres, who have been near the bottom of the standings all year and are in serious danger of finishing last place overall for the first… Continue reading

Chicago Blackhawks So Good, Fans Have Had Erections For Several Weeks

Not only has the Chicago Blackhawks’ streak been so good that even ESPN is talking about hockey, but the team’s fans have also been unable to get rid of long-lasting erections. “I’ve been… Continue reading

Sabres’ GM Darcy Regier Says ‘No Need’ to Make Changes Because He Will Never Ever Be Fired

After a horrid start to the season, the Buffalo Sabres have been looked at as a team that will make changes, either through a trade or a new coach. But Sabres General Manager… Continue reading

NHL Likes Screwing Fans So Much, They Tricked Fans into Paying $50 for GameCenter Live, But Blocked Out Games

After months of waiting, hockey finally came back. It was a day millions of hockey fans were waiting eagerly for – a beginning to hockey and an end to getting screwed by billionaire… Continue reading

Don Cherry live-tweets himself hating Russians

Canada’s top iconoclast and CBC commentator, Don Cherry, has begun to live-tweet his personal thoughts about how much he hates Russians. With the use of a special device hooked up to Cherry’s brain… Continue reading

Canadian Wives Say Their Sex Lives Will Worsen Now That Lockout Is Over

Women all over Canada have expressed concern that the quality of their sex lives may decrease due to the NHL lockout coming to an end. “Hockey season is usually a hard time for… Continue reading

Patrick Kane Not Ready For Lockout to Be Over Because He Hasn’t Finished His Beer

Not every NHL player is getting ready for the lockout-shortened season to start. In fact, some players are just now finding out. “What? Already?” said Chicago Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane when informed… Continue reading

Hockey Fan Who Said He Wouldn’t Watch NHL Anymore Because of Lockout Buys Season Tickets

Vince Pool, a 33-year-old carpenter from Manchester Township, N.J., said he was so disgusted by the greed and selfishness demonstrated by the millionaire players and billionaire owners during the lockout, that he would… Continue reading